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A complaint has been filed against CJ Rana.

On , a complaint was filed with the of Laundering Investigation against Chief Justice Cholendra Shamsher , his family , and other relatives of the Supreme Court.

He has been accused of acquiring property through the abuse of his position of authority. In addition, the department had already gathered the obtained against Chief Justice Rana’s brother Prabhu Shamsher, who was accused of taking over a property with the help of his brother’s authority and access. “After the media began to obtain sufficient information against him, we attempted to move the investigation forward by establishing a file,” according to a senior source within the Department of Justice.

Prem Prasad Bhattarai, director-general of the department, stated that preliminary information would be gathered within the parameters of the situation.

According to a department , the department has an internal that is responsible for investigating the complaints received. The complaint that was filed on Sunday will be investigated by the same committee.

What exactly are the allegations leveled against the Chief Justice of Canada?

According to the complaint, there are properties under the control of Chief Justice Rana, his wife Reji Rana, brother Prabhu Shamsher, family members, and relatives, among others.

He is also accused of generating illegal profits through the use of judges, constitutional body , and other former employees, according to the indictment. He and his associates are also accused of corruption and bribery, as well as criminal profiteering, in addition to the Chief Justice.

Rana’s family had purchased two plots of land in Kathmandu Metropolitan -30 in 2065 BS, and the house was constructed on the land after presenting a deed to the authorities.

Since the passage of the Money Laundering Prevention Act, it is possible that the source of this asset will be investigated as well.

The complaint is also the basis for the statement included in the memorandum submitted by the Nepal Bar Association to Speaker Agni Sapkota, according to the Nepal Bar Association.

In Chapter 4.15 of the memorandum, the Chief Justice is accused of being involved in corruption and irregularities by amassing illegal assets with the assistance of members of his own family and relatives, as well as judges and officials appointed by him to act as intermediaries in the acquisition of illegal assets.

Furthermore, Dr Govinda KC has expressed concern about the report prepared by the committee headed by Supreme Court Judge Harikrishna Karki, and has called for the establishment of a framework to the investigation.

It also contains information on other matters such as Chief Justice Jabra’s involvement in the case currently before the court and an attempted murder that took behind the Ipex Complex in Baneshwor, as well as other incidents.

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